Total Commander Ultima Prime 7.2 Free Download

Total Commander Ultima Prime 7.2 Free Download Is One of the most important aspects of a computer is that you should be able to manage files quickly and easily.Of course, Windows Explorer has always been the default file manager of some people, while others have always preferred Total Commander.
Total Commander Ultima Prime 7.2 Free Download
Total Commander Ultima Prime 7.2 is a very nice improvement of Total Commander Ultima Prime 7, where you have additional features available, that will help you organize your files and folders more efficiently.

The installation process comes with several steps in which you can configure some aspects of Total Commander, so take your time.

The interface is as user-friendly as Total Commander has always been, with “minor” problems.

On the top of the window you have a lot of buttons, so that you can access a feature by making one single click.

When the Total Commander Ultima Prime window is maximized, the dozens of button are displayed on two rows, which is… acceptable. But when you restore down the window… it’s almost impossible to work with it.

Indeed, the buttons are useful, but wouldn’t it had been easier to keep them in the menu bar only? The minimalist approach to a file manager is always better than the cluttered one.

The good thing about Total Commander Ultima Prime Latest is that it comes bundled with all sorts of useful plugins, so that you won’t need any other software.

For example, you can add/remove programs, access autorun, CD/DVD burning, e-mail, virtual disks, a web browser, Notepad++, TeamViewer, Universal Extractor, uTorrent, Virtual Dub, and many others, but also be able to shut down or restart the computer.
Total Commander Ultima Prime 7.2 Free Download
The software is great overall, but it doesn’t give you the possibility of selecting the exact plugins you want and don’t want to install, and most people are not interested in using everything an application (in this case, a file manager) has to offer.

Nevertheless, Total Commander continues to use less CPU and memory than Windows Explorer, and that “feature” is always welcome.

To sum things up, Total Commander is able to stand its grown when it comes to file manager systems, and Ultima Prime is surely considered a full package for this particular application.


Total Commander Ultima Prime 7.2 Free Download


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