Tekla Tedds 2016 v18 Free Download

Tekla Tedds 2016 v18 Free Download

Tekla Tedds 2016 v18 Free Download

Descriptions :

Tekla Tedds is powerful software to automate your repetitive structural calculations. Choose from one or more of our regularly updated calculation libraries or write your own, and create professional documentation every time. Combine your structural calculations with 2D frame analysis.

Forget time consuming hand calculations and cumbersome spreadsheets. Automate your repetitive structural and civil calculations with Tedds and transform the way you work.
– Access a broad library of structural and civil calculations.
– Use a single solution for all common elements & materials.
– Benefit from a simple and intuitive interface.
– Create transparent calculations that are easy to check.
– Compare different design options and make changes quickly.
– Produce consistent documentation.
– Enhance your Quality Assurance processes.
– Receive new and enhanced calculations and code updates regularly.

Have a specific requirement? Want to write your own calculations? No problem. You don’t need to be a technical whiz to write custom calculations using Tedds.
– Write, store and distribute your own custom calculations.
– Benefit from a range of powerful development tools.
– Create transparent calculations that are easy to check.
– Reduce the risk of errors associated with traditional calculation methods.
– Update your calculations at the touch of button.
– Store and access your calculations through the Tedds library.
– Distribute your calculations and share knowledge within your business.

Still turning to complex analysis software for your everyday frame analysis? Why not do it in Tedds?
– Analyze frames such as trusses, cranked beams & portal frames.
– Visualize input and results graphically in real time.
– Link results to your Tedds calculations.
– Embed frame analysis into your bespoke calculations.
– Compile a single project document including notes and sketches.
– Avoid the need to use separate analysis software.

Struggling to create professional project documentation? Use Tedds to create and customize high quality output, including structural calculations, sketches and notes.
– Create professional and transparent project documents.
– Work within Microsoft Word, a familiar and industry standard interface.
– Customize the look and feel, incorporating your company branding.
– Include multiple notes and sketches in your project document.
– Customize the level of detail in your output with ease.
– Submit a single electronic project document in formats such as PDF.
– Archive your calculations and store your jobs on your server.


Free Download Tekla Tedds 2016 v18 Full Version


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