Stardock WindowFX 6.0 Free Download

Revolutionize your operating system with Stardock WindowFX 6.0 Free Download Utilize an unprecedented number of special effects for your windows and maximize your computing experience.

Stardock WindowFX 6.0 Free Download

The main function of stardock windowfx 6 are:
– Control your windows with custom resizing
– Modify your windows animation and movement
– Regain focus of what is really important

Due to this application you will be able to add a wide range of special effects to windows such as:
True alpha blended shadows under windows
A set of minimize and maximize transition effects
A set of window dragging effects
A set of window opening and closing animations
Graphical task switching
Taskbar previews
Window tiles
Popup task switching
Ability to have large icons on the desktop while having normal sized icons everywhere else
Wide range of semi-transparency options such as making windows the start bar menus and more semi-transparent
Various special effects for Windows desktop icons and their labels
A set of special effects for menus when opened and closed
User defined size for windows to maximize to.
Stardock WindowFX 6.0 Free Download
Here are some key features of “stardock windowfx 6.0”:
Screen Resizing:
Enjoy time-saving window management features such as screen border resizing and window border maximizing.

Advanced Controls:
Get more from the right-click menu with advanced controls.

Apply custom animations:
Pick different animated effects for windows when they open close minimize and restore. (Requires Windows 7 or Vista with the DWM enabled)

Add more to your movements:
Add Windows Flick actions to movements fade windows when moving and add momentum so you can throw windows around on your monitor.

Remain focused on the task at hand:
Make the active window stand out make inactive windows fade away and automatically minimize background windows.

Don’t lose your videos:
On a multiple-monitor systems keep Flash videos fullscreen when you use apps on other monitors Don’t let your video close simply because you’re working on your other monitor.

Download Stardock WindowFX 6.0



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