Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.7 Free Download

Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.7 is an built-in suite of 3D FE and multibody simulation software program which simulates and optimizes the efficiency of mechanical techniques for structural integrity, noise and vibration, system dynamics and sturdiness.

Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.7 Free Download

Utilizing the Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.7 Free Download, engineering groups can:

– Build accurate simulation models
– Simulate mechanical design behavior
– Quickly assess multiple design alternatives
– Optimize designs before prototype construction
– Accurately detect weak spots
– Efficiently explore multiple design alternatives

Finite Element Acoustics
LMS Virtual.Lab Finite Element Acoustics offers a method for acoustic simulation, helping you predict and improve sound and noise performances of systems. Finite Element Acoustics can create a weak and fully coupled vibro-acoustic simulation to determine how acoustic sources affect the structure.

NVH Response Analysis
LMS Virtual.Lab NVH Response Analysis is an easy-to-use, entry-level simulation tool for predicting the noise and vibration behavior of a component, subsystem or complete model under operational loading conditions.

Structural Correlation and Pre-test Analysis
When preparing measurements for physical structures, using modal information of preliminary finite element models to define the optimal measurement setup is called pre-test analysis. After good test data for the physical model is available, structural correlation analysis allows you to quantify the geometrical and dynamic, such as frequency response function (FRF) and modal, resemblance between the test model and its equivalent FE model.

Advanced Optimization
LMS Virtual.Lab Advanced Optimization incorporates additional optimization methods as well as multi-objective optimization and robust design techniques. Global Optimization solves general constrained optimization problems. The Multi-objective Optimization module helps optimize designs with two or more competing objectives. You can study the result variation and build higher quality products by making the design more robust and reliable.
Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.7 Free Download
SEA+ software, developed by InterAC, simulates mid and high frequency noise and vibration (N&V) performances. SEA+ provides breakthrough technologies in the N&V design process based on the method of statistical energy analysis (SEA).

Multibody Dynamic Motion
LMS Virtual.Lab Motion is an integrated multibody solution to model, simulate and analyze realistic dynamic motion of any mechanical system. The multibody modeling software helps you analyze and optimize the real-world mechanical design behavior in order to guarantee optimal performance before committing to physical prototype testing.

Component Fatigue
LMS Virtual.Lab Component Fatigue is a complete solution to accurately assess the fatigue performance of individual components in one, integrated simulation environment. By combining component loads derived from prototype measurements or multibody simulations, FE-based stress results and cyclic fatigue material parameters, you can predict fatigue hotspots and fatigue life as well as optimize the component design.

FEA Pre/Post

LMS Virtual.Lab FEA Pre/Post is the standard configuration for simulation engineers performing linear, nonlinear and crash finite element analysis using industry standard solvers. The preprocessing and postprocessing configuration lets you import models or meshes from industry standard solver formats, check and fix quality aspects, perform additional mesh modeling, set up load and boundary conditions, drive the preferred solver and postprocessing results.
Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.7 Free Download
LMS Virtual.Lab Meshing is a complete configuration for geometry healing, meshing and performing linear, nonlinear and crash finite element analysis (FEA) using industry standard solvers. The meshing engine combines a basic and advanced mesher for automatic and associative generation of a finite element model on wireframe, surface or solid geometries.

Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.7 Free Download

Click on the beneath hyperlink to obtain the standalone setup of Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.7 Free Download for Home windows x86 and x64 structure.Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.7 the greatest CAE software for all the brand new and older releases of Home windows.

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