HitFilm Pro 2017 5.0 Free Download

HitFilm Pro 2017 5.0 Free Download is a professional video editing software that offers you all the tools and effects you need in order to create amazing movies.

From the first minutes you run it  you start to understand that hitfilm pro 2017 free Ultimate isn’t just a video editing tool. It s much more than that because the application comes with a built in browser that keeps you connected with all the new application releases tutorials and discussions from other users transforming it into a learning center.

The interface of the application is more than comprehensive and is well structured it follows a logical scheme that places all the tools you need in plain view ready for use To impact your workflow in a positive way the application also provides you with three workspace layouts between which you can switch at any time without resetting your project You get the default arrangement one for compositing and one for editing. This way when you just need to focus on the edit you can remove all the tools and panels you don t need.

Moreover  the panels that make up the interface of the application can be detached and placed anywhere on the screen outside of hitfilm pro 2017 download main window  You get a docking option but when they are reattached to the main window they are placed in the right side which messes up things a bit Luckily you can repick the workspace layout you are using and everything is set back in the correct position.

As far as features go HitFilm Ultimate does not disappoint It offers you a preview window timeline editor effects library and a history that contains all your actions The main attraction of the application is the effects panel that offers you a large number of fully customizable effects from categories such as  Blurs Color Correction Distort Grunge Lights & Flares Particles & Simulation Quick 3D and more.

In closing, the above mentioned facts only scratch the surface of what HitFilm Ultimate is capable of and what it can help you achieve.

Here are some key features of hitfilm pro 2017
Blockbuster visual effects
Advanced particle simulator
3D pre-built effects
High-end 3D compositing
Green screen
Video editing included
Professional color grading
Stunning color filters
Supporting your filmmaking
Share with the world
Utilizes the latest hardware
Works with your files

Track & stabilize Ultimate exclusive:

Download hitfilm pro 2017 has its own 2D point tracker with optical flow and template match options for fast, accurate results. Track features and stabilize handheld videos without needing additional software.
Temporal effects Ultimate enhanced:
Exclusive time displacement and channel shift effects join the speed ramping, motion trails and other time-based effects.

Fine tuning Ultimate enhanced:

In addition to the standard spill removal, light wrap and color correction tools, hitfilm pro 2017 Freealso includes advanced matte cleaning features to ensure the best possible results.

Invisibility & cloning:

Create Predator camouflage and wizard invisibility cloaks with the versatile displacement effect, or use split screen and masking to clone your actors.

Supports 4K resolution:

When your movies move beyond HD hitfilm prowill be ready with native support for up to 4K resolution.

hitfilm pro 2017 Downloadmasking tools are great for creating sophisticated interaction between layers, tidying up the edges of your green screen studio or removing unwanted parts of an image or video.

Depth of field & motion blur:

Hitfilm 3D cameras work realistically, with optional depth of field automatically blurring layers based on their relative distance from the lens. Turn on automatic motion blur for more realistic movement of your 2D and 3D layers.

3D camera data import Ultimate exclusive:

hitfilm pro 2017is compatible with most camera tracking data apps. Get your camera off its tripod and create amazing handheld visual effects shots that look as realistic as anything you see at the cinema.

Download HitFilm Pro 2017 5.0


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