FlowVision 2.5 Free Download

FlowVision 2.5 Free Download is a new generation simulation system for solving practical CFD problems.This free Download is the standalone setup of FlowVision 2.5 Free Download for Home windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

FlowVision 2.5 Free Download

FlowVision 2.5 Description

The modern C++ implementation offers modularity and flexibility allowing addressing the most complex CFD areas. Unique approach to grid generation (geometry fitted sub-grid-resolution) provides natural link with CAD geometry and FE mesh. The ABAQUS integration through Multi-Physics-Manager supports the most complex fluid-structure-interaction (e.g. hydroplaning simulation of automotive tire). The hybrid modeling concept provides possibility to use multiple solvers (in different parts of the simulation domain) to fast obtain the most reliable simulation results.
Sequential FlowVision is being developed since 1991. FlowVision 2.5 Free Download proved itself to be a reliable instrument for a designer and received recognition among Russian and western engineers:
On December 26, 2005, FlowVision 2.xx.xx has got Certificate of conformance with GosStandart of Russia N POCC RU.ME20.H01223.

flowvision 2.5 free download

Simulation capability
• 3D steady and unsteady flows of incompressible or compressible fluid
• Laminar and turbulent flows
• Turbulence models:
• • different k- models
• • SST k- model
• • Spalart-Allmaras model
• Convection-diffusion transfer of scalar quantities and their fluctuations
• Motion of free surfaces
• Moving bodies
• Lagrangian particles (solid, bubbles, droplets)
• Gas-phase premixed or not premixed combustion
• Two-phase combustion
• Surface-to-surface radiation
• Gas radiation
• Conjugate heat exchange
• Different boundary conditions including time-dependent ones
• Sliding meshes
• Substance database

Computational mesh
• Direct import of CAD/FEM geometry: VRML, STL, INP- ABAQUS
• Indirect import of CAD/FEM geometry (via 3DTransVidia): DEFORM, ABAQUS, ANSYS and NASTRAN, IGES, VDAFS and PARASOLID, CATIA V4/V5, Pro/E, UGS
• Easy grid definition followed by fast automatic grid generation
• Sub-Grid Geometry Resolution (SGGR) method: resolution of curve-linear surfaces of arbitrary complexity achieved by natural truncation of hexahedral cells by triangulated surfaces
• Refinement of grid within a volumetric object and near a geometry surface
• Automated dynamic grid adaptation to solution (splitting and merging cells according to pre-defined adaptation criteria)
• Automated dynamic grid adaptation around a moving body (splitting and merging cells)

flowvision 2.5 free download

• Selection of flow model
• Definition of substances
• Specifying model and method parameters
• Definition of initial and boundary conditions, interactive assignment of boundary conditions to geometry surfaces
• Definition of initial mesh

• Vectors on plane or geometry surface
• Isolines on plane or geometry surface
• Color contours on plane or geometry surface
• Cutting planes
• Animated motion of different markers
• Integration of variables over cross-section or geometry surface
• Local characteristics
• On-line visualization of results in the course of calculations
1. Models of combustion
a) Coefficient of excess oxygen is now determined by real (not restored ) mass concentration of oxygen and fuel.
b) rich and poor flammability limits can be calculated in the dll.In the installation of the appropriate dll added combustion of methane in the air.
2. In block Turbulence
a) For the variable ” Ripple Temperature ” and ” dissipation of temperature fluctuations ” changed the default method .Now it ‘ 1st order accurate ‘ (‘Upwind’).
b) change the set of boundary conditions in the template ‘ wall ‘ for the variables ” Ripple Temperature ” and ” dissipation of temperature fluctuations .”
c) change the normalization equation for the variable ” Potential Distances ” (visible discrepancy now will be small ) .
3. In the layer ‘ Distributed characteristics ‘ for scalar adds the ability to output its integral value ( for vector).
• System Requirements For FlowVision 2.5 :
• Intel Pentium/Celeron or newer, AMD K6 or newer
• Frequency: 500 MHz or higher
• RAM:
• 256 MB or more
• Display adapter:
• Resolution: 800х600 or higher
• Hardware support: OpenGL
• Memory: 32 MB or higher
• Windows XP
• Windows Vista all SP
• Windows 7
• Language (Russian English)

FlowVision 2.5 Free Download

Click on on the beneath hyperlink to obtain the standalone setup of FlowVision 2.5 Free Download for Home windows x86 and x64 structure. FlowVision 2.5 the greatest CAE software for all the brand new and older releases of Home windows.


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