AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5.1 Free Download

AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5.1 Free Download is a Top best popular Software for PC available to Download in Latest with installation guide and review features for free with direct link

AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5.1 Free Download

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AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition is a free software development tool for programming interactive multimedia software, database applications, games, Internet tools and more. Learn to create Windows software applications using a visual development environment. The Lua scripting language and wizards are faster than learning C++, Java or Visual Basic and the results are amazing. Perfect for students, open source programming and hobbyists.

AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5.1 Free Download

AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition‘s visual rapid application development environment makes software programming faster and easier than ever before. Create your own multimedia software, utilities, games and application software for use on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The visual drag and drop programming environment makes it easy to learn how to program, even if you’re just a beginner.
AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5.1 Free Download
Getting started is easy. Add images, videos, Flash, HTML, text, music and document files onto blank pages and dialogs and then move them into position using your mouse. Then add in interactivity and logic using the powerful Lua script language. With the Action Wizard, all AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5.1 Free takes is a few clicks and a fill-in-the-blanks form. With over 865 high-level functions, like XML parsing, downloading files, browsing web sites, sending email, running applications, playing video files and multi-channel audio mixing, you can build just about any software application you can think of.

The new Lua 5.1 programming engine opens up limitless possibilities. With full syntax highlighting, code completion, functions and control structures, it’s an exceptionally flexible system. Give AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition a try to fully assess its capabilities!

NOTE: Free for personal, non-commercial, open-source and educational use only.

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