ARCHLine XP 2016 Free Download

ARCHLine XP 2016 Free Download

ARCHLine XP 2016 Free Download

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Descriptions :

ARCHLine.XP is CAD based architectural and interior design software. The model is created from a collection of building components such as wall, door, window, stair, roof, column, etc. In addition to this ARCHLine.XP comes with parametric interior design components such as furniture design tools, curtains, lights, cornices, skirting boards, tiles, etc.

ARCHLine XP 2016 Free Download

Lighting and Lighting Effects
Using lamps and light sources in the project the lighting effect will be shown on the 3D model thanks for the DirectX 11 driver.
You can place lamps from the Lamp library using the Room maker, the Toolbox or the Design center.
Downloading the lamp object from the internet the lamp library will be expanded.
When the name of the downloaded model includes one of the word as “lamp”, “spot” or “chandelier” the ARCHLine.XP automatically assign a light source to the object.
It might happen the light source position in 3D is not appropriate and needs some correction. You can relocate the light source in the light manager dialog.
In the light manager dialog you can add new light sources to the lamp object like sphere, spot, linear and area lights. The light source can be defined as an IES light source to import the appropriate information from the producer website.
Electrical Accessories
The electric accessories are reorganized and updated with new commands:
– Elements come from the library and accessible from the Design Centre.
– Place on the drawing with Drag and drop method.
– New switches and sockets Combination editor.
– Automatic placement on wall with left/right distances.
– Wall dimension is extended with electric accessories.
– New elevation dimensioning for all switches and sockets on the floorplan.
– Switches and sockets report list in Excel.

ARCHLine XP 2016 Free DownloadSuspended grid and plain ceilings
Parametric ceiling design tool in ARCHLine.XP let you quickly place ceiling grids using specific ceiling grid panels and other properties.
The suspended ceilings create a space that is used to house equipment and building services.
Ceiling Plan includes:
– Panels
– Main runner, Cross runner and Perimeter wall angle
– Diffusers for supply and extract air
– Ceiling lights
– Fire protection unit
– Other components as Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs, etc.
Google Maps Integration
You can easily set up a position virtually anywhere on Earth using the online Google Maps service.
– Set up project location based on real world coordinates
– Import 2D maps to your project
– Import 3D terrain from Google
– Export your plan and 3D model to Google Earth and visualize in realistic environment
System Requirements :

– Microsoft Windows 64 bit versions: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 or 10.  (Windows XP* is and Windows Vista are NOT supported.)
– Intel Core 2 or AMD Phenom processor or better (i7 is recommended)
– 1.5 GB available hard disk space on the installation drive and at least an additional 1.5 GB free space on the system drive (this is the C: drive in most cases)
– minimum 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or more is recommended)
– Video card with DirectX 11 support. Suggestion: NVIDIA 6600 or higher,  or ATI X 600 series or higher with minimum 512 MB dedicated memory (1 GB is recommended). Integrated Intel video cards are NOT recommended, except Intel HD Graphics 2000 or better!
– SVGA graphical visualization with 1024×768 resolution or higher (max. Full HD 1920×1080 resolution is supported)
– 2 button, scroll-wheel mouse


Download ARCHLine XP 2016 Free


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